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So if you look up the definition of astrology, you will get some variation of this – “The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.”

This is pretty much the case, I mean the dictionary doesn’t lie right?

I use astrology as a psychological tool, a way to figure myself out. We’re complicated individuals people! We have all these thoughts, feelings, emotions  going on inside our heads and it can often be hard to decipher them all. Why did I blow up at that person, why am I crying, why did he/she not text me, why can’t I just be normal, why am I so awesome at putting an outfit together but suck at networking  – these are all things we ask ourselves on a regular basis.

I use astrology to figure out my weaknesses and make them better, I also use it when I am going through a rough time psychologically and want to make some sense of why I’m feeling crazy.

I also use astrology to figure out my relationships, with my boyfriend, with my family and sometimes it can help to look at a friends chart to help you decipher your own chart.

I’ve studied astrology for about 10 years now, I got started when I was in high school and was having a hard time dealing with a few traumatic instances… Astrology is what put my young self back together and continues to be a continuous source of introspection and inspiration even today.

There are a few sites that I use to put my astro-tasking to work.

www.astro.com and www.astrotheme.com

I have accounts with both sites because they both offer easy access to storing charts, birthdates, names and so on and both are separately better at doing different things.

I use astrology because it makes sense to me. It’s been around for centuries, you know Ptolemy? He was one of the first originators of astrological thought.

The Babylonians were some of the first to observe the stars up there and developed the seedlings for the mind-stars relationship. Later, Socrates, Plato and further down the line Aristotle, gave astrology it’s soul and a lot of it carried on.

Concern for the well-being of the soul and the movement away from the sometimes frivolous and self-serving antics of the pantheon of Greek gods began with Socrates, a concept which didn’t end well for Socrates but was clearly internalized by Plato nonetheless.  In The TimaeusPlato expressed his view of the creation and structure of the cosmos, imbuing it with intelligence, benevolence, and moral character which permeated its entire fabric with the essence of its creator, albeit an impersonal God, but divine nonetheless.[2]  This was a considerable step because it not only moved away from multiple deities toward monotheism but also took astrology to a more soul-centered level which could benefit the individual’s personal development and earthly sojourn. 

Plato believed that the order found in the heavens was a mirror of divine reason, making it of paramount importance and worthy of study.  While he recognized the vast knowledge the Babylonians had accrued with regard to planetary motion, he nonetheless had little regard for observations alone when they lacked theory and mathematical backing.[3]  These missing ingredients Pythagoras and Plato proceeded to provide, opening the astrological world to the Greeks in a philosophical language they could implement into their lives, specifically on a moral level.