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Restaurant Review: La Bodega Negra

Bringing some Mexican flavors to Manhattan, Bodega Negra is the perfect restaurant for a large group of people or even a date night.

Located in Chelsea, do not be fooled by the tiny exterior of this restaurant. Through the back you’ll find big red doors that will transport you to Mexico.

In the back of the restaurant there is a DJ, which makes the atmosphere kind of loud and lively but it still manages to have a cozy and comfortable feel to it. Bodega Negra is decorated beautifully. From the gigantic penny disco ball that hangs over the dining room to the wall of aged tequila cylinders and the dismantled pianos that hovers over the bar, there is something new and interesting to see everywhere you look.

While the restaurant was quite busy, the staff was very inviting and always made sure that everything was okay at the table. Besides the delicious cocktails, the food is just as tasty too.

For this restaurant, I suggest that you order a bunch of different items off of the menu to share. Definitely order the guacamole and the tacos, depending on the type of meat you like. Do not order the quesadilla, which is more like a Mexican pizza and super hot that it makes it hard to eat. Make sure to save room for desert and order the Don Huevo, which is a white chocolate ball that when you poor the mixture over reveals a chocolate brownie ice cream.

Some of the food such as the tacos may seem a little overpriced for the portion size, but overall the taste of the food is unlike anything you’ve ever had.

This is a restaurant that sure won’t disappoint you from it’s friendly staff, great tasting food, and festive atmosphere.