Let me tell you about my new best friend – BELLA is the friend that is there whenever (and I mean whenever, 9am -no prob, 11pm -no prob) you need a helping hand. When you’re feeling down and out, she’ll be there.. right by your side and will make sure when she leaves, you feel AMAZING. I’m not talking “feel good enough to get out of the house”, I’m talking “feel good enough to walk the red carpet and know you’re the hottest person there”.

BELLA is the best beauty on demand app to hit the marketplace. BELLA’s stylists have been all over Mercedes Benz Fashion Week making sure the models walking the runway have cohesive, beautiful and polished looks that are in-line with the designers image… and they’re available to make sure you look polished and cohesive too. They’ll literally come right to your door, your home or office, and give you a makeover, or just touch you up!

The next time you want to make sure your face and hair are in-line with the wonderful person we all know you are, make sure you book an appointment with them. You won’t regret it.  You can find the BELLA app in the iPhone or Android marketplace by searching Bella, Beauty on Demand.

BELLA’s stylists recently worked the face & hair magic on the models walking the runway for Sonja Morgan of The Real Housewives of New York. Just yesterday, Feb. 16, Sonja celebrated the launch of Sonja Morgan New York Brands, set to debut Summer 2015.

Her capsule collection will have ready-to-wear, sportswear,
eveningwear, and swimwear as well as a jewelry line.

The show for new collection took place at this neat little venue in Murray Hill called the Carriage House.  At 3 levels I guess it wasn’t so little but it was cute in its own gallery-esque way.

They were filming for Real Housewives of New York – Sonja Morgan’s Fashion Show!  You will be lucky enough to catch the clothing looks on-line.  Lucky for you – BELLA on Demand beauty is available at your door – 24/7.

To learn more about Bella and all of their great services go to www.wearebella.com