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Brooke Shields on Her Love For Acting & Education

Brooke Shields was always gorgeous, but she’s defied traditional wisdom by staying that way, even at 50.  And did you know she was a Princeton grad?  Her beauty graced the cover of Luxury Listings NYC  for their January issue. 

In the exclusive interview with Christopher Cameron of LLNYC, Brooke divulges all about her love for acting including her new role in “The Flower Shop Mysteries” on the Hallmark channel.

She also mentions a side of her most people wouldn’t necessarily recognize – her funny side – “My proudest times are in being able to make people laugh,” Shields says. Her sitcom “Suddenly Susan” ran from 1996 to 2000 and earned her brookea Golden Globe nomination. “I hope that I am remembered as not just an actress, but as a comedic actress as well.”

If Brooke had been born perhaps 30 years later I would bet that she and Karlie Kloss would have hit it off!  Karlie has been very vocal on her love of education and followed in somewhat the same path as Brooke having enrolled at NYU last fall.

Brooke discussed with the LLNYC reporter about leaving her modeling career for university when she was 18, “I had to go to university. I refused to be denied something that I felt normal people got to do,” she says, acknowledging that not all “normal” people go to Princeton. Before college, she says, “I used to see movies with students and I would think, ‘My god! What freedom it must be to just walk into buildings and have really smart people teach you and make you smart.”

Check out all the details over at LLNYC.com.