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Nicole Miller and Peter Davis Fall Fashion Soiree

nicolemiller2New York, NY – Fashion designer Nicole Miller and Peter Davis, Editor in Chief of SCENE Magazine kick off Fall Fashion in a celebratory soiree on the rooftop of the W Residences in FiDi (Financial District).

I was amazed at how surprisingly well organized, polite and capable of handling massive crowds of invited and uninvited guests the event staff was. I watched as one staff member scrolled “the list” on her iPad for the names of the two guests in front of me. When she was unable to locate their names, she thought strategically for a second, and politely allowed the gentlemen to enter with their press pass. A source at The New York Observer told me – 400 guests RSVP’d for the event, but only 200 were confirmed.

After getting passed the door, I was a bit anxious to arrive to the roof-deck thanks to a full lift and several stops. When the doors finally opened to the 57th floor I was excited to be the first to exit, but instead of stepping into a room filled with fashionably dressed ladies and gents, I was greeted by a security filled corridor and step-in-repeat. I decided to make my way to a second elevator at the other end when a photographer from Patrick McMullan invited me to have my picture taken.

A brief elevator ride later, I walked into a crowd filled billiards room and out onto the terrace where I bumped into Adam Weiss and Matthew Sheldon by the bar. The gorgeous LuAnn de Lessepes , The Housewives of New York, joined us for a cocktail and posed for a few photos before vanishing into the social scene. An announcement was made informing us Nicole Miller was ready to give her presentation. The crowd gathered to see the designer and hear her speak as she presented each of six looks from her Fall collection.

After socializing, I again made my way towards the elevator. This time on my way to the 5th floor for a complimentary cocktail. The doors closed, I glanced around and noticed Nicole Miller on the elevator. She broke the silence by sharing that she wore bangs, but didn’t like how they would split down the middle. I felt a little self-conscious because my hair was styled in a ponytail with a  split bang. I thought to myself, “do they look bad?”

At the 5th floor bar, I began telling Adam and Matthew about my Nicole Miller experience when a voice chimed in. I turn and It’s Tom Murro, The Fox Morning Extra and The Huffington Post. I ask, “Were you on the elevator?” “I was,” he said. “Do you think that had anything to do with my bangs?” “I think it probably just reminded her of when she wore bangs.” “This is too funny, I guess it’s going in my story: the night goes out with a bang!” “Personally, I prefer the straight up bang,” he replied. “What about a side bang?,” I ask him. “No, I like the straight up bang better.” We all laughed and ended the night with a metaphorical bang.

LuAnn de Lessepes , The Housewives of New York  Courtesy of CityIntelGuide.com

LuAnn de Lessepes , Housewives of New York
Courtesy of CityIntelGuide.com