SIR IVAN, oft mentioned as the King of Southampton (He lives in a castle!), is known for his awe-inspiring events.  This past Monday he  took the show to Miami.  The occasion? His 60 birthday and the launch of his forthcoming album Peaceman Shines.

Top Ten Billboard recording artist and philanthropist Sir Ivan celebrated his birthday with an exclusive and memorable champagne fueled bash at the newly renovated Nautilus Hotel.

With over 600 guests and the party in full swing, SIR IVAN pulled up in style, in his eye-catching Peacemobile covered in iconic 60s hippy flower images and the 60s slogan “Make Love Not War.” Donning his signature white silk custom Peace cape-suit and a crown of gold and rubies, SIR IVAN, the self-proclaimed Party King, made a grand entrance, flanked by two beautiful topless models body painted as lionesses and wearing stilettos, black patent leather go-go shorts and spiked collars and leashes.

As the party carried on, some guests got cozy on this cool Miami night under plush blankets, while some revelers took a dip in the pool or threw their friends in for a swim. SIR IVAN oversaw the festivities from his royal throne. Throughout the night, female guests seated themselves in the second throne next to him and auditioned to be his Party Queen.

At the evening drew to a close, SIR IVAN himself handed his guests advance copies of his new album “Peaceman “Shines”, out on CD February 9th, and his critically acclaimed documentary life story out on DVD: SIR IVAN: I Am Peaceman. 

 The first single off his new album, “Imagine”, is a completely new version of the iconic songproduced by Grammy Award winner Omar Okram and legendary music arranger Peter Rafelson (Madonna). The documentary SIR IVAN: I Am Peaceman is directed by four-time Emmy award-winning director Jim Brown.

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SIR IVAN has even bigger plans for the future, as he continues his mission to spread his message of positivity, acceptance and goodwill around the world, through both his music and his philanthropic non-profit organization, The Peaceman Foundation. His tireless efforts have made his charity a leader in the battle against bullying, in supporting the transgender community and in fighting P.T.S.D (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

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