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The Information We Share

We like to share. Sharing feels good. It feels good because it is an outward gesture of an inernal, ephemeral truth. It makes the skeptical hypothesis that atoms are connected, visible. Synchronicity reminds us that every occurrence is connected by an in invisible web of energy.

Fransisco Goya

When you own this perspective details of our individual lives become intertwined with those going on amidst the larger spheres rolling around this planet along with our tiny, individual one. A painter such as Fransisco Goya is a great example of sharing ephemeral content; content that creates the electricity we feel when we share.

Fransisco Goya 2

Fransisco Goya was an expert painter. He was an old master that painted for the Spanish Aristocracy. He had a real gift. When a talent or ability like this is created it is like a connection to the divine is made. Painting became how Goya made sense of his physical presence. Later in his life he got an illness that left him deaf. Because his senses changed, the work he made changed also.

He went from painting frolicking picnics to Black Paintings. The Black Paintings were dark images he painted on the wall of his house during his final years.

Saturn Devouring His Son Full body

The great thing about art is that a single work of art can be interpreted a myriad of ways. His hearing definitely changed but did he hear things that were never there or did he hear things he was now receptive to after his body changed?