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The Importance of Handmade

As modernity proliferates human habits change. The speed of pop culture life is rigorous and full.  Often, one can want to invent clever shortcuts but sometimes those shortcuts are not the best when critically analyzed.

There are many facets to our lives we could evaluate in a plethora of ways from the ways we travel, the shelter we choose, how we spend one hour of our time and the list goes on to infinity.

How do you start talking or thinking of something to focus on? There are lots of ways to categorize the human experience but for the sake of simplicity lets think about categorizing our experience through our senses. It  was one of the first ways we learned to think of ourselves. It is argued that in Egyptian times people developed 300+ senses, but most of this audience has bee taught to know a human has 5 senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell.

Now lets focus on one of those 5 senses: the ability to see.  We respond to aesthetics or how beautiful what we are seeing is to us.  Different textures make up those aesthetics. They can be inorganic or organic. Much of modern culture is tempted to immerse themselves in inorganic aesthetics because they are usually faster, earn more capital and do not often entertain  dramatic emotions.

This trend is diminishing our quality of life by encouraging less of what it means to have senses. It limits the vast capabilities of a human. Connections are overridden and a new synthesis of stimuli    is presented as something that is “elusive” and “difficult to grasp” when the root factor is our human ability to see.

Think of a t-shirt. You could have a mass produced screen print T or one hand crafted with individual pieces of fabric. In the screen printed one you get a lot of information from the machine. There are reservoirs with ink colors, motors that apply the ink and racks to dry multiples on. With a handmade t-shirt you get the process of making and dying the fabric, individual stitches and the laborious focus of the maker.

When buying a simple t-shirt you can be buying so much more than solely something to cover your skin. At this point, the way you spend your money starts to become part of your personality. This can apply to the car you purchase (although buying a handmade car is less feasible), the coffee mugs you drink from and the art you place in front of your eyes.