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Spring Cleaning of the Self

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning. It is a universal concept. There are many things to clean in our lives in our spaces; personal and public, and our presence; inward and outward. Refine. Grow. Find connections. Uncover the hidden, subconscious factors that motivate us to move, at all. Why? Because day to day life would be pretty boring without getting excited about the internal “wiring” that electrifies all of it.

There were some more bombings this morning. It’s baffling to think some people exist with thoughts that like the idea of doing that kind of harm. The best way to focus on productive thoughts amidst news  like this is to challenge ourselves. Nothing offers a better challenge than maintaining our health.. mental and physical.

Most of us care about and give thought to our health. We like how it feels to move and interact with the world around us. We know that a healthy body means we will likely be better immersed in the experience of life and living, of being human.

Keeping our body healthy is one way to clean out our inward presence, exercising to zone out and clear our mind clutter and focus, eating clean to clear out the gunk in our gut for a clearer mind. It is rewarding to think of how it is in our own power to keep our efficiency and uniqueness – we ourselves control how healthy we are.

Here are a few questions for you:

How do you maintain yourself? What habits do you keep that create your unique personality, that make you feel alive and inspired? Do you run, play chess, computer program, go to school, teach yoga, cook or fly airplanes?

Personal Question

You’ve picked one or a few things you do that help define who you are. They’re fun, informative and life-giving. Why have you chosen to do what you do? What experiences have led you to do what you do now? What inspires you? Who are the people in your life that make you happy, that push you to be a better version of yourself? Are there any major life events that drastically changed the way the future unraveled? Who are you holding a grudge against and how is that affecting your life?

Part of spring cleaning of the self is reflection.  These questions and answers are part of a conversation I would like to have with you or have you have with yourself.  Why? Before we can make major changes to better our lives and create paths of improvement we need an understanding of who we are and what is holding us back. We need to understand our patterns of thought so that we can change them if necessary.

Here are my suggestions for you:

#1 – Start a Journal

#2 – Read this book

# 3 – Create a daily routine that leaves time for self reflection