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Audrey Gruss Kicks-Off Hope for Depression Research Foundation’s Inaugural Walk of Hope & Shop for Hope

On Saturday July 16th, Audrey Gruss hosted a kick-off cocktail party for the Hope for Depression Research Foundation’s (HDRF) inaugural Walk of Hope and Shop for Hope fundraising events that will take place on Saturday July 30th, from 9am in Southampton.

Audrey Gruss

Audrey Gruss

Held at the Hamptons home she shares with her husband Martin Gruss, the party was attended by guests such as Southampton Mayor Mark Epley, Scott Snyder, Lis and Richard Waterman, Kim Heirston Evans, Mai Hallingby-Harrison, and Whitney Fairchild.

Herb Wetenson, Olga Neulist, Martin Grus

Herb Wetenson, Olga Neulist and Martin Gruss

Scott Snyder, Audrey Grus

Scott Snyder and Audrey Gruss

Richard Evans, Kim Heirston Evans, Mai Hallingby

Richard Evans, Kim Heirston Evans, Mai Hallingby Harrison and Tom McCarter

Midway through the party that was set at the Gruss’ pool, surrounded by beautiful white hydrangea blooms, Audrey thanked guests for attending and said “HDRF’s research mission is so critical, and I am so grateful to everyone for showing their support by committing to walk on July 30th.” She continued to say that the Walk of HOPE has “over 200 people committed, with two weeks left to go.”

Party Atmosphere

Party Atmosphere

Mayor Mark Epley, who is opening the Walk of Hope, then remarked that HDRF is a true leader in the field of depression research, and that he is “looking forward to taking part in the Walk.”

The three-mile Walk of Hope to Defeat Depression will circle a beautiful route around Lake Agawam in Southampton Village.  The Walk will be led by Audrey Gruss to raise awareness and funds for advanced depression research. After the Walk, top retailers in town like Theory and Jennifer Miller will take part in Shop for Hope, where stores up and down Main Street and Jobs Lane will open their doors to customers and donate a percentage of sales to HDRF’s advanced research. Shop for Hope will run from 11:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

Nacho Ramos, Whitney Fairchild

Nacho Ramos and Whitney Fairchild

Debbie Bancroft, Robert Zimmerman, Anne Barris

Debbie Bancroft, Robert Zimmerman and Anne Barris

Further information 

The Hope for Depression Research Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization focused solely on depression research. The World Health Organization has declared depression as the leading cause of disability worldwide. Despite its prevalence, depression is still misunderstood, underfunded and under-researched. To date, HDRF has provided more than $20 million through over 125 grants for accelerated breakthrough depression research that promises to lead to new and better medications and treatments. Our mission is two-fold:

  • To accelerate advanced brain research into the origins, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of depression.
  • To raise awareness of depression as a medical illness, educate the public and erase the stigma of depression.

Audrey Gruss founded HDRF in April 2006 in memory of her mother Hope, who struggled with clinical depression. Every dollar raised goes directly to research.

Photo Credit: Owen Hoffman/Patrick McMullan