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Photographer Asked Celebrities To Reveal Their Public And Private Personalities In Intimate Double-Portraits

Photographer Andrew H. Walker had an idea to take one photograph of a celebrity with a private persona and one with a public persona. We don’t know which is what persona but the photographic juxtaposition is fun none-the-less. See the finished product here!

What if you knew how to act so well you could use mannerisms to become a different person? While looking at how these celebrities create two very different realities being side by side themselves we are encouraged to entertain the questions of who we are to the world and who others are beyond what we see day to day.

When these stars pull out their public personas are they drawing from critical self awareness, recreating an old character or a synthesis of several factors?

In which photo is Liev Schreiber being himself and who is he being when he is being his public self?

When I see Anne Hathaway looking quizzically at the camera I picture a spunky Andrea Sachs figuring out the fashion industry.  I doubt her face looking down is her public face, I mean you have to make eye contact to be a celebrity.

I would have liked to see Robin Williams do this.

Here is a link to the photographer’s website: http://www.andrewhwalker.com

Thanks for the thought provoking entertainment!