14+ Foundation (www.14plusfoundation.org), a NYC-based charitable organization established by Joseph Mizzi and Nchimunya Wulf hosted its 2nd Annual Cocktail Benefit & Art Auction Supporting Children’s Education in Africa. The benefit was held Thursday, October 2nd, 2014 at the Diamond Horseshoe in New York City and was attended by 500+ guests.  

Notable highlights of the evening featured an Art Auction presented by Vito Schnabel and Alexander Rotter of Sotheby’s presiding as auctioneer, with artworks donated by Rashid JohnsonJulian Schnabel and The Bruce High Quality Foundation, a screening of a short documentary by filmmaker Jenna Elizabeth and an After Party featuring a lineup of all female DJ’s.

Attendees included artist Julian SchnabelMary-Kate OlsenOlivier SarkozyVito SchnabelAlexander RotterGus WennerGrace MaharyKipton CronkiteFrank SciameBarbara RegnaRob SchmittDarlene and Lizzy Okpo of fashion brand William Okpo, and filmmaker Jenna Elizabeth.

The event was hosted by the Co-Founders of 14+ Foundation and the Chipakata Children’s Academy Foundation, Joseph Mizzi, philanthropist and construction industry leader, and Nchimunya Wulf, a native Zambian and noted fashion stylist.  Proceeds from the benefit will support 14+ Foundation’s current project, the Chipakata Children’s Academy.  “Our mission is to develop and build schools and orphanages for children within rural communities throughout Africa. We’re using education and comprehensive community engagement as a means to allow these children and their communities to reach their full potential.”

 About Chipakata Children’s Academy

The Chipakata Children’s Academy will provide a comprehensive primary school education for the children of the community, who currently walk more than 7 km (4.3 miles) each way to the nearest school. The school’s curriculum will incorporate arts-based education programs and provide children of need with full-time housing and care.

The first phase of the Chipakata Children’s Academy, comprised of an academic building and multiple teacher’s housing structures, is in the final phases of construction with new student enrollment underway.  Local community members have been key participants in the development and construction process and will continue to actively partner with 14+ Foundation to ensure the project’s long term success. The project will serve these local residents through educational programs as well as other important community-based initiatives, with a focus on long-term sustainability using local agricultural methods and other means.

A number of community-based initiatives have already been completed including infrastructure improvement (roads, bridges and water wells), increased access to medical care and other services through projects such as a community grinding mill (for maize) and a retail shop, which makes basic household goods available.  All proceeds support direct operational costs or is used toward other community initiatives.  A portion of these proceeds will go toward the foundation’s micro-financing partnership with Tiyeseko Women’s Club, a newly-formed community group comprised of more than 30 local women who seek to improve their lives and well-being through various income-producing activities under this program.

To learn more about Chipakata Children’s Academy, please visit www.chikapata.org


About 14+ Foundation
Joseph Mizzi and Nchimunya Wulf co-founded 14+ Foundation in 2012, a New York City-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to build schools and orphanages for children in Africa, beginning with their first project in Chipakata Village, Lufansa district, Zambia. Shortly after establishing their organization in June 2012, they obtained more than 200 acres of land for their first project, the Chipakata Children’s Academy, named after the village (which means “successful harvest”) where the facility is located. The project has its Zambian team members Joyce and Henry Habeenzu heading up its on-the-ground operations.