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Is Snake Venom the New Botox?

If you’re anywhere past the age of, oh let’s say 24, you’ve probably poked and pulled at your skin in the mirror on more than one occasion. You may have even received an invite to a trendy Botox party and considered “just a little” here and there. Don’t be ashamed, with shows like The Real Housewives taking over TV screens, the desire to get Botox before 30 is a completely normal way to feel. If you talk to your mother about it however, she may feel a little differently. So what’s a girl to do when she wants some pep around the eyes without the painful and invasive procedure of Botulinum Toxin Injections? That’s where DNA Serum wants to help. This newly released product is derived from the venom of the Temple Viper and is said to smooth and firm the skin under and around the eyes, reduce bags, brighten dark circles, and fill in wrinkles and crow’s feet.


Active ingredients in the DNA Serum formula include:

-Syn®-Ake: a small peptide that mimics the effects of Temple Viper Venom. Syn®-Ake targets the neuromuscular activity (that’s what causes wrinkles) and has been referred to as “Botox without a needle.”
-Eyeseryl®: is said to reduce puffiness in as little as 15 days!
-Argireline®: Helps to reduce the degree of already existing wrinkles as well as fight against the formation of future lines with regular use.


DNA Serum retails for $109.95 and can be purchased at dnaserum.com. Taking the Botox without a doctor motif one step further, the anti-wrinkle serum is housed in a syringe like container. Each syringe will provide a 45 to 60 day supply – more than enough time to see results.


                                                   Will you be giving DNA Serum a try instead of Botox?


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