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Your Neighborhood Restaurant Guide : Murray Hill

Murray Hill, a Midtown-East neighborhood, is loaded with tons of history and amazing restaurants. The name Murray Hill dates back to the 18th century, when Robert Murray came to New York in 1753 after he first immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1732. He was in the merchant and shipping business, and became one of the most well known shipping merchants in New York. In 1762, Murray rented land from the city to build a large home, he would later call Inclenberg or Belmont. The land he rented was a large hill on what is today Park Avenue and 36th st, a hill that has since been leveled of course.  His home became known around the neighborhood and New York as Murray Hill, and there stems the name of today’s Midtown East area.  Did you know that in 1905 Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt lived in the Murray Hill neighborhood to be close to Franklin’s mom Sara Roosevelt?

Now on to the fun stuff, there are amazing restaurants in Murray Hill and I’ve got them all in one list:

1. Eros Greek Restaurant  

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If you love clean and elegant Greek food, you have to try this restaurant. Fish is imported daily from the waters of Greece, and everything is freshly made in house. In the warmer months they have an outdoor patio that’s always packed.

2. Le Parisien Bistro 

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If you like authentic French food and the atmosphere to match, this place is just for you. One neighbor says, “I come here because it reminds me so much of France. When I eat here, I feel transported to a small bistro in Paris.”

3. La Tarte Flambee 

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Flammekueche means “cooked in the flames”; the French flambee has a similar meaning. One of the customers described it like this: “If a pizza and a crepe had a baby, it would be a tarte flambee!” It’s a great restaurant for groups who can split the Flammekuechen or get it for yourself to go, we won’t tell anybody.

4. Momosan Ramen & Sake 

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At Momosan, noodles are front and center. Whether indulging in a bowl of signature tonkotsu ramen,tokyo chicken ramentantan, or tsukemen, you’ll realize it is quality you can only find dining with an Iron Chef. At Momosan, Chef Morimoto brings his favorite food and drink from his home in Hiroshima, Japan to his adopted home in New York City. Noodles are front and center on the ramen focused menu, and are paired with playful takes on authentic Japanese comfort food and delicious sake.

5. Kajitsu 

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Kajitsu means “fine day”, or “day of celebration” in Japanese.
We have chosen the name Kajitsu hoping that a visit here will always be a special occasion for our guests. Shojin cuisine refers to a type of vegetarian cooking that originates in Zen Buddhism.
Even though it does not use meat or fish, shojin is regarded as the foundation of all Japanese cuisine,
especially kaiseki, the Japanese version of haute cuisine.

6. Tempura Matsui 


At this restaurant they serve Tempura the “Matsui way” created by their head chef. Kyoshi Chikano has specialized in the craft of tempura for 10 years. He is believed to be the city’s only tempura master.

7. Baby Bo’s Cantina 

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Baby Bo’s has been in Murray Hill for the past 25 years, serving up some great Mexican food and drinks. The atmosphere is eclectic and cozy.

8. Zengo

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Zengo is an artful blend of Latin-Asian styles and flavors. Chef-owner Richard Sandoval, whose accolades include Bon Appétit Restaurateur of the Year and Mexico’s Toque d’Oro, spins regional ingredients into beautifully balanced dishes designed for sharing. Below the restaurant is the speakeasy like bar titled La Biblioteca, making this restaurant a one stop for an all night full of fun.

9. Vezzo Thin Crust Pizza

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Vezzo is the place for thin crust in Murray Hill, and it’s always packed. Go with friends or get yourself a personal pie, because it’s delicious!