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As the summer days are dwindling so are our potential sunny eyed beach days. If you have yet to make it out to the glorious waves make sure you make the first attempt in style.
Here are my beach basket must-haves.

#1 – First step to making sure your beach domain is better than the sun bathers next to you is by skipping on the beach towel, instead, go for a Fouta. A Fouta is an offshoot of the traditional Hamman Turkish towel. Most are bright, striped and since they roll up into a tight little bundle they’re perfect for tucking in your tote!

My fav is this beautiful Light Blue Fouta from Father Rabbit hailing from New Zealand. Don’t be shy, your Fouta can also be used as a table cloth, a sarong, scarf or throw.

Cost = $45 USD

#2 – What would a beach day be w/o a bit of intoxicant to put you into a state of blissful retreat. Now I’m not suggesting intaking hard liqueur while basking in the sun, but a nice glass of rose or chardonnay never hurt anyone. Right? Well with my next must-have you can keep that California white cold from sun rise until the last rays pass over the horizon.

The Swell bottle, made in the US, is designed to keep a full bottle of wine cold for the whole day, even while sitting in the sun w/ you. Unlike you however, it doesn’t sweat. Another point to note is a portion of all proceeds go to help Water Aid, a 5013c organization.

Cost = $45 USD

# 3 – Keep that pout puckery. No one wants to kiss chapped lips so how do you guarantee you’re kissable for the sunset? Try Elizabeth Ardens Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick with a high profile 15 SPF. I use it myself and for a day at the beach its perfect, as a clear cream you don’t have to worry about looking too put together so you can perfect the chill beach chick look.

Cost = $19.50 USD

#4 – Now that you have the items to throw in your tote, you need the tote. I am absolutely in LOVE with this Anthropologie Imogen Tote. It fits your Fouta, your favorite beach read, the sunblock, sandals, your swell bottle and a few snacks perfectly without leaving too much extra room so your boyfriend can’t shove extra items in to load you down. Besides it’s so cute you can use it as a day shopper when you don’t have time to make it to the beach.

Cost = $49.95

I don’t know about you but I’m going to attempt to make it to the beach this weekend after all summer is half over! I wish you all sunny days and big waves!