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The Value of Spin Class

The Greek civilization is the most obvious historical reference for physical fitness because they started the most well know  athletic event worldwide, the Olympics.  Ever since people have had bodies though, we have been taking care of them. In all sorts of ways. The ways have gotten crazier and more complex and they will continue to do so.

What does this have to do with New York? People all over New York do spin classes. Those people are humans. Just by being human, you can relate to what is being written. Why am I writing this? Because I can’t stop thinking about it and I’m sure I’ve developed this story because it has value.

I’ve got to get a little personal here for you to understand my point. I go to the gym to feel better and healthier as most people that go to gyms do.  Those factors did not bring me to the gym, though. They are side affects. I was in a car accident 14 years ago (To the day!) that did some major damage to my body. Lucky for me gyms are so prevalent, right?!

A painting of a spin rider on her bike.

A painting of a spin rider on her bike.

I’ve heard that French women do not preoccupy themselves with working out the way American women do. It’s really stressful to be social at times. There are so many expectations, comparisons and judgements one can process any time they are around more people than themselves (crunchy feelings  are pretty much unavoidable).

I wasn’t raised going to a gym and I probably wouldn’t think about it so much if I didn’t have such a dramatic experience with mine. Our body is are one of our biggest resources.

A big part of my life, my body, before this car wreck was singing. I sincerely enjoyed it.  It was my passion. It was my connection to things “beyond” me. It still is though. I get so excited when I see versions of choir happening in various places;  I’m working on finding that joy again. One place I’ve found it and one that is also helpful to my voice and body is spin class. An alive class is a lot of work. It takes gumption and determination to take a class and finish it. Nothing feels as nice as hard work. It’s a lot like a choir rehearsal, actually.  My brain couldn’t help but be attracted to it.

Something incredible has happened in the spin room at the Y. If the group energy “clicks” we have a group of enthusiastic riders the mirrors will fog over from our breath! The instructor I spin with most (because he encourages us to make noise), Jeff Blasen, skis. You know snow angels? He developed the sweat angel carved out of our sweat on the mirror.

JB's Sweat Angel Tatoo

JB’s Sweat Angel Tatoo

I’m sure there is a psychological benefit to adjusting your body chemistry the way you do in certain gym classes.