Where to start… Mountains, fresh air, big open sky, bluebird days, elk, bald eagles, big game, the people.. definitely the people. There’s a wagon-full of items in Jackson Hole that makes it so special. I may have left today but I already want to schedule a trip to go out there again this winter…. AND in the summer. There is something special about Jackson Hole. I’ve been to plenty of ski resorts and ski towns out west,  and have to been a handful or more on the east coast but Jackson Hole is different. It’s more than just a ski town…. it transports you into another time. You half expect a clint-eastwood look alike to come traipsing through on a horse with a blanket wrapped around him with nothing but a burly beard and weathered face poking through.   In fact, I actually DID see a couple, riding horses, down the side of the highway billowing snow clouds with every hoof step with blankets wrapped around them to keep them warm. I mean, can I do that please? And have a photo of me taken while doing so?

I left NYC to go to Jackson Hole and didn’t even realize I had so many layers to shed until the 3rd day I was there. By layers, I mean stress…. the constant unnerving anxiousness that just comes with being a New Yorker. You’re always ready to go go go, always ready for a fight (you know what I’m talking about) and a constant reminder of “I need to be the best!”. Slowly those layers grow on and become your skin. A few days in Jackson and now I feel like a fresh little baby, ready to take on the world with positivity and a fresh attitude… that’s how powerful this little town is. Or maybe that’s just vacation for you.

In Jackson, everyone is so open and friendly.. I suppose you can find that anywhere in the midwest or north east or maybe just anywhere outside of a big city but I still insist that Jackson is different. There is a sense of wilderness there, raw nature that captures you and makes you realize – WE are all HUMAN, we are all on this planet to love one another! You meet people every day that moved there one winter, or summer, 2, 5, 20, 50 years ago and just never left. Everywhere you look you’re immersed in freedom, wilderness, nature, and there is always a friendly face nearby that will say hello and ask where you’re from.

We stayed at the Hotel Jackson which was just adorable and welcoming and had really great service not to mention an amazing decorator. It’s the newest place in town (as everyone reminds you of) but not the most expensive. We were sitting by the fire one day sipping on an amazing warm cocktail with whipped cream from the bar when the owner came up to us and asked us how everything was. .. can’t beat that! He even offered for us to use his personal car to go see the stray moose that was down by the highway.

We never got to see the moose but we did see plenty of elk and even two bald eagles. Not to mention all of the ski slopes! Which is why we were there in the first place.  So we stayed in the town of Jackson, instead of staying is the resort village. A decision we made based on entertainment and dinner options. The town of Jackson is more built out. We ended up making the right decision, I think if we had stayed in the Village the whole time we could have ended up being bored of our dinner options. So every day we took our hotel shuttle into the ski resort which is only about a 15 minute trip and pretty seamless.

On to the skiing! – The skiing is just perfect.. a little advanced at Jackson Hole Resort (there is literally just one blue run) but this resort is known for being one of the best and it definitely did not disappoint. There were plenty of runs and apres spots to keep us busy and entertained for the 3 days we went to the mountain

Overall I HIGHLY recommend Jackson Hole for your next ski vacay.


NYUndressed Recommends: 


The Blue Lion –  A really cozy atmosphere for a chilly night. I would stay away from the seafood but all of the meat dishes were absolutely delicious.

Snake River Grill – Snake River Grill is one of the restaurants that always comes up when you search for best restaurants Jackson Hole. Honestly, it doesn’t disappoint. The atmosphere is much more high-end than any other restaurant we went to (besides the Four Seasons) and it allowed me a chance to finally wear my winterized little black dress. Everything from the appetizers to cocktails and food were spectacular. My BF raved over his classic gin martini.

The Four Seasons (in the village) – We ate here for breakfast on our last day and it was by far our favorite while in Jackson Hole. I had their Huevos Rancheros and ordered a side of lime creme fraiche on the side. I loved the crispy tortilla and the cojita cheese added an extra kick.

Hotels: Hotel Jackson – I already mentioned this above but the design here was just top-notch, very rustic decor which really added to the overall experience being in Jackson. The service from the staff and concierge was also amazing.




Signing out,

Ski bunny Angela