A great picnic blanket is hard to find. One that you can lay on a dew-moistened pocket of grass without fear of the dew turning your white sundress into a see-through expose. The usual sheet/ tattered blanket I normally use just doesn’t cut it. It’s about time my 30-year old self upgraded my picnic setting.

Enter CheekyBlanket. The CheekyBlanket not only makes a cheeky play on Donald Trump but it’s also a reallly high-quality picnic,  beach… all occasion blanket.  It is a Kickstarter campaign so make sure  you get your orders in STAT in order to reserve your blanket at the intro price of just $49.

The founders of CheekyBlanket Joel & Mika saw a void in the market for a mid-priced high quality picnic blanket. Most people use whatever leftover blanket they can find that’s been hanging around for a few years or more. Step up your game people!

A few CheekyBlanket highlights:

  • Lightweight and Durable.
  • Ruggedly handsome with a 100% waterproof canvas base. The surface is a soft, stain proof cotton-feel fabric that will withstand the toughest Merlot. It’s also machine washable.
  • 80” x 60” – almost twice the length of an average picnic blanket. This will fit your friends and all of their drinks.
  • From the brush of talented New Jersey artist Taylan Kurtulus. The Cheeky Blanket mixes art and functionality.
  • Folding this thing is a cinch. No engineering PhD required.

With CheekyBlanket gone are the days of old blankets. The CheekyBlanket features comic-book inspired scenes of grandeur. The first version is a scene out of one of the most popular news topics in the last few months – TRUMP.

The Statue of Liberty can be seen grabbing Trump by his purple panties and throwing him into Mexico. Good Riddance!


You still have time to buy a CheekyBlanket yourself. Head on over to www.CheekyBlanket.com/Kickstarter to get one just in time for high time picnic season!