On Monday June 8thJean and Martin Shafiroff, the philanthropic couple, hosted a pre-summer solstice cocktail kickoff event in honor of the French Heritage Society (FHS) at their Park Avenue home.  100 guests were invited into their home to learn more about the work of the Society, and to help raise awareness for the Gala that will happen on November 18th.

The French Heritage Society was founded in 1982 and has been a huge success ever since, contributing to over 500 restoration grants and helping secure almost $18 million dollars for properties in France and to properties in the United States that reflect France’s historic influence. FHS has helped out after numerous natural disasters and also organizes unique student internship opportunities in both countries and offers enriching cultural trips in France and the U.S. for its members.

During the event, the additional Gala Chairs for the November event; Deborah Royce, Ann Vann Ness, Ursula Lower, Kazie Metzger and Jean Doyen de Montaillou were of the many guests that were in attendance. The elegant dressed trio accepted questions from attendees and explained what some of traditional projects are, while also noting how the French former Minister of Culture has recognized the Society for its important restorative work. Jean highlighted the scholarship program FHS funds, which allows both American and French architectural students to study on each other’s shores, and Cece talked about how FHS has forged a strong partnership between France and America through its work.

As the event came to an end, they then thanked attendees  and finished by reminding all guests that the real reason they were all there was to raise awareness of the forthcoming winter gala on November 18th.  Cocktails were raised to the Shafiroffs to thank them for hosting the event.