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NYC Food Blogging: Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered what the life of a NYC food blogger was really like? Well I did too, that’s why I sat down with Skylar Borucke, an NYU grad and Southampton native, to hear about her food blogging journey.


Skylar Borucke, Savorsome Writer and Blogger

As they say, life is unpredictable and often surprising. Skylar’s food blogging journey didn’t actually start in the City, but across the pond in London. During her college study abroad, she stayed in London and traveled all across Europe, 14 countries to be exact. She wanted to document her travels abroad, but found that the majority of her documentation was focused around the food she ate in each country. Thus a new food blogger was born! Upon her return from Europe, Skylar brought her love for new food adventures and experiences  to the New York restaurant scene. She named her blog Savorsome and as they say, the rest is history.



Fast forward two years, and Skylar has tried restaurants from every borough of almost every cuisine. However if she had to choose her favorite cuisine, it would be Italian. She secretly has a dream retiring in Tuscany. “I love the way of life in Italy and of course the importance of food in every part of the day. ” Her love for food has also influenced her time in the kitchen. Growing up her parents made cooking at home a staple in their family, and included Skylar from a very young age. She found herself absolutely in love with cooking, and today enjoys to cook for her friends and family. She creates her own recipes, and grabs inspiration from her most recent restaurant outings and experiences. Right now, her most favorite ingredients to include in her recipes are Burrata, Blood Oranges, Jerusalem Artichokes, Kohlrabi and Truffle.


Her most memorable food adventure in NYC was at Eleven Madison. She describes it as “a foodies wet dream. It’s like a museum and each of the 14 courses is a work of art, based on the dishes flavor, plating, color or the theater that comes along with it.” Additionally, she said the service was so incredible, “Our table had 4-5 people who were exclusively serving us, and seemed to know our every move before we made them.” This restaurant and meal will be one that Skylar will never forget, even if her table enjoyed a wine pairing with each dish, so 14 in total!!

For 2016, her top NYC restaurant recommendations are:

1. Timna 

(Modern Israeli Mediterranean)

“Every meal I’ve had here is incredible.”

2. Ofenda

(Cozy Mexican)

“The best fish tacos ever, and best happy hour from 5-7.”

3. San Marzano

(Italian Pasta and Panini)

 “I will always love this place, cheep (yummy) pasta how can you not!”

4. Miss Lily’s

(Caribbean Fare)

 “Jamaican amazing-ness, with killer rum punch”

5.Chef’s Club

(Eclectic Restaurant and Cuisine)

“So incredibly good, and done by Food and Wine Magazine, so you know it’s amazing!”

Now if any of you are non-foodies like me, then you will appreciate the advice Skylar gave me when it comes to finding the best meal in NYC. She advised me to “look for restaurants that have creative flavors, innovative plating, and of course good service because the environment always plays a big factor in your experience.” Additionally, Skylar recommends boroughs such as “West Village and Little Italy, which you can walk in anywhere and be pleasantly surprised. Literally can’t go wrong there.”

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