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Despite my birthstone being one, I’ve never professed myself as being a diamond kind of girl. Something about them is just over the top and I.. “drumroll” am under the radar. However, I’m changing my tune (slightly) and professing that I am in love love love with black diamonds. Lately, Young Hollywood has been going gaga over “another drumroll” black gemstones. Large, small, earrings, rings… black diamonds are popping up and making me lust for them.

In case you’ve watched the film Blood Diamonds like I have, and have sworn off the glitz due to (understandably) not wanting to support governments that enslave children.. there are plenty of sustainable options available to you.

If you love the diamonds in black like I do.. Try out a pair of the New York’s own Luv Eclipse black diamond babbles (www.luveclipse.com). All of their ensembles are made from sustainable diamonds right here in NY and will compliment any look.

They even have a super cool mission statement: “To bring ethereal happiness to the public- and to spread LOVE and HAPPINESS all over the world” … well thank you Luv Eclipse, I can never get enough ethereal happiness 😉