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Lynx Hit The Slopes in Colorado

Skiers (and snowboarders) in southern Colorado might get an extra special treat this season.. a fluffy and exotic, tufted pointed ear’d lynx sighting.


Lynx are an endangered species with only 50-250 Lynx estimated to be living in the Colorado area. “Wildlife officials don’t know exactly how many live in Colorado because they are so hard to find.” said Joe Lewandowski, a spokesman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

The medium-size cats have tufted ears, short tails and broad paws that work like snowshoes, letting them walk across powdery snow. They can grow to nearly 3 feet long and 30 pounds.

One of the rare beautiful creatures strutted across a ski run at the Pergatory resort in Southern Colorado last week. Another pair was sighted on the side of a Colorado highway just two weeks prior.

More about Lynx online:

— Colorado Parks and Wildlife lynx page: http://bit.ly/2iJ25BL

— U.S. Fish and Wildlife lynx page: http://bit.ly/2b1FyMP

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