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When we boarded a Hampton’s bound Jitney last Saturday, it was clear it would be no normal night for many reasons. First, we were dressed as cats. Second, most seats on this very full bus were occupied by people dressed in an array of fabulous costumes. Third, this wasn’t just any Jitney, but one of a fleet of Jitneys, busing guests from Manhattan to Sir Ivan’s Castle in the Hampton’s for the release party of his new single “La La Land.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of this “castle”, but after departing the bus, walking up the drive, past the moat (yes, he has a moat), through the gate and turning down a complimentary cape (it wasn’t black), I was staring at what looked like a legitimate fairy tale castle. We followed the flow of people into the backyard where we were greeted with a carousel, heated pool, and a glass of champagne.

After moving onto champagne number two, we walked over to the food area to get a bite to eat before quickly deciding a dinner of champagne and cigarettes was on the menu, ensuring no food got between us and a nice buzz. We clearly made the right choice – as soon as the sun went down we were on the carousel happily swinging around atop our horses, having a blast.

As if we haven’t seen enough of the Real Housewives of New York this summer, a few more appeared, bouncing around merrily on their own carousel horses.

A drink or two, or ten later, and a few more rides on the carousel, we noticed lights and everyone gathering around a stage. Our investigation lead us just in time to catch Sir Ivan performing his song La La Land. The rest of the night was spent carousel-ing, drinking, and dancing by the pool, which by midnight had people swimming in it. Guilty.

After the party the Jitney fleet picked everyone back up for what felt like a much shorter ride back to the city. A good night indeed I say, a good night indeed.

In case you want to watch the video for the song of which the party was thrown for, please indulge below. Don’t tell anyone we didn’t warn you of its oddity.