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Jean Shafiroff, Alex Donner & Amanda Bowman Host Kick-off to 5th Annual Pet Philanthropy Circle Pet Hero Awards

Jean Shafiroff, Alex Donner and Amanda Bowman hosted an evening of cocktails at the private residence of Amanda Bowman and David Levy on Monday September 12, 2016. The event marked the kickoff for the Pet Philanthropy Circle’s 5th Anniversary Pet Hero Awards that will be held this October 7, 2016.



Jean Shafiroff, Alex Donner, Jewel Morris and Amanda Bowman/Photo Credit:Owen Hoffman


David Levy, Amanda Bowman, Jewel Morris and Bob Morris/Photo Credit:Owen Hoffman

Guests at the event included Pet Philanthropy Circle’s Founder Jewel Morris, Martin  & Jean Shafiroff, Flo Anthony, Alex Donner, Amanda Bowan, Elizabeth Shafiroff, Geoffrey Bradfield, Roy Kean, and Lynn Paulson.


Lee Fryd, Roy Kean and Robin Cofer/Photo Credit:Owen Hoffman


Lynn Paulson and Abigail Trenk/Photo Credit:Owen Hoffman

 Midway through the event, Jean Sharfiroff addressed everyone in the room to thank guests for their support. She also stressed the need of legislation that will outlaw all puppy mills. She also emphasized the need for more spay and neuter programs. Additional guests included Montgomery Frazier, Ben Mindich, Scott Elkins, Abigail Trenk, Tanja Dreiding Wallace, Roy Kean, Robin Cofer, Joseph Fichera,  Lindsey Spielfogel, Jill Lynne, and Lee fryd.


Montgomery Frazier, Tanja Dreiding Wallace and Ben Mindich/Photo Credit:Owen Hoffman


Lindsey Spielfogel and Elizabeth Shafiroff/Photo Credit:Owen Hoffman

The Pet Hero Awards will be held at Gotham Hall on October 7, 2016. It will be co chaired by Georgina Bloomberg and Prince Lorenzo Borghese, the cocktail reception and dinner dance will be hosted by NBC’s David Frei, and Pet Philanthropy Circle’s Founder Jewel Morris. Among the honorees are singer-songwriter Naomi Judd, Alison Eastwood, Katie Cleary, Matthew Talbot, the American Humane Association’s Robin Ganzert, Jamie’s Rescue, Heart – an Animal Welfare Education organization – and Amazing Grace.

Event sponsors include Hamptons Pet Magazine, Petco Foundation, Rescue Paw Foundation, Park Lane Hotel and Flowers by Topaz.

The Pet Philanthropy Circle’s mission is to save and enhance the quality of animal lives by promoting greater public awareness of their welfare and the causes that protect them.  We accomplish this through educational programs, raising funds for qualified animal rescue organizations and the Pet Hero Awards.

To purchase tickets please click on the following Event Brite link: http://bit.ly/2ceEkO2.