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Dina Lohan & Richard Nassimi

I recently had the chance to sit down with celebrity broker Richard Nassimi to get the scoop on the luxury market and his celebrity clientele.  If you’re looking for an apartment you need to use him, you’ll have a blast going around town and of course find the best apartment.

Richard is  CEO of The Nassimi Group and is recognized as one of the leading marketers of luxury residential developments in New York City.  The city’s finest developers seek him out to market and sell their properties. 

If you’re on the market for an apartment (rental or sales), head to www.tngny.com!

Now for the interview –

#1 – There’s been a lot of buzz lately that you’re the go-to broker for celebrities looking for New York home – you even found Lindsay Lohan a home at the W downtown! Out of all the brokers in the city why do they choose you?

 Thank you for being so flattering…lol. Well they know that I am the person who has direct contact or even control in various circumstances of the deal, apartment, etc. They know I am the gentleman to go to. But I think the main reason is because I am direct in all senses. I tell straight out and clearly what the deal is and how can we do. I am not good at sugar coating or pretending that things can happen.  However, on top of everything, many times they ask me for mission impossible, and I love to execute those. I think they know that I am the person that makes it happen.

#2 – What are celebrities looking for in an apartment, any strange requests?

 First and foremost they like privacy. When going around with me to look at different apartments, I totally respect that.  I am not a guy of paparazzi.  They all have different requests, many musicians ask me if they can have an isolated apartment where they can play music so that neighbors don’t hear, some of them like to have entertainment every night so they want me to be in a happening building, they all have their personal “religion”.

#3 – So enough about celebrities, if we ordinary folk want to live like a celebrity where should we be looking? 

Next to my celebrity…lol

#4 – Where are all of the cool kids living?

Lately lower Manhattan has expressed a very welcoming situation for the “cool kids” it’s a mixture of fun, late nights but also professional and luxury areas, including very refined restaurants. It caters it all to them.

#5 – What neighborhoods are up and coming, say you buy a home now and in 2 years it will be the new West Village?

The new Downtown (financial district), a huge upside in the very near future.

#6 – Who is one celebrity you would love to work with to find their dream NYC home?

That’s a very tough question. But if I should pick one, it would be Lady Gaga. I just think she is the symbol of success, celebrity, artist & also humble. It would be a blast going around with her.

#7 – The time-old question – Is it currently better to rent, or buy? 

There’s no correct answer there. No right or wrong. Is more what is your financial plan, 1 – 5 years. That’s what I tell my clients, we  first work on that, then we know where to look.  I can’t just tell you that today is more of a sellers market. However, many of my clients are on 1031 Exchange, therefore renting is not an option. I always custom-make the financial planning with my clients. I don’t just sell assets, I “sell financial plans”..