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Karako Custom – Making Waves in Men’s Suiting

Men have to make difficult choices in life; style doesn’t have to be one of them. Some men are afraid to be fashionable. There is a stigma in the United States, that says if a man spends time on his appearance his masculinity could be questioned. Others fear they are just not good enough: they are too fat, too tall or too short to wear that outfit.

The reality is, this fear prevents people from expressing who they truly are.

Dressing well boosts self-confidence and helps us in our professional and personal lives.

Meet Sean Karako, Co-Founder of Karako Custom Clothier, a company that designs custom suits for men. He says he started his business with his two cousins, Daniel and Michael Karako because he wanted to help men look good and feel better about what they wear at an affordable price.

“Men need direction. There are men that can’t shop without their wife,” Sean explained. “They fear if they put the wrong outfit together people will laugh at them. But with a knowledgeable and confident salesman we can put them at ease.”

Sean was inspired by his father’s family business that started dressing men in Manhattan more than three decades ago.

Sean Karako gave me a glimpse into his world of men’s fashion.

Q. What sets Karako Custom apart from competitors?

A. “Our prices are affordable and we are known for our packaged deals. Our competitors bait and switch. They advertise a price for a suit, when you want to change or add to the suit that’s when they get you. The price goes up. We don’t charge extra for the customization.”

Q. What is the average cost of a custom suit in your store?

A. “Depending on the fabric, they start as low as $399 to as high as $2000.”

Q. How are you competing with companies that offer to customize suits for their customers online?

A.“No matter how the industry evolves towards technology the personal touch can never be replaced. There are companies out there that offer to customize a shirt for you via the internet but it’s just a gimmick. The customer wants to be pampered; taken care of and you can’t get that on the internet or in a big department store.”

Q. What fashion trends are you watching this fall?

A.“Accessories are really big; lapel pins, tie bars, handkerchiefs,” said Sean “The dress code is becoming more casual even in a business environment. Men are moving towards kakis with a shirt, tie and make everything pop with a nice handkerchief. Then pull everything together with brown shoes and a brown belt,” he added.

Q. One thing every man should have in his closet?

A.“A nice blue suit.”

Q. One male fashion trend that needs to go?

A.“I don’t think a dress shirt you are wearing with a suit should have a pocket.”

Q. One fashion rule it’s time to break?

A.“Navy blue and black don’t go together. That’s been a rule for years. I think blue and black go together especially now when people are wearing navy blue tuxedos with black satin lapels.”

Q. Number one rule for men buying clothing?

A. “You can’t have the same print on the same print. Polka dots don’t go with Polka dots, stripes don’t go with stripes.”

To set up an appointment with Sean Karako visit http://www.karakocustomclothier.com/