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They say home is where the heart is, if that’s the case I think I’ve found my home at Circa Tabac in Soho.

Circa Tabac is one of, if not the very last, remaining places that allow you to legally smoke inside. Cafe by day, lounge by night, here you never need to worry about hiding your cigarette beneath a table or leaning down to discreetly blow smoke out of sight as someone walks by (anyone who has snuck a cigarette inside a club can feel me on this).

As a dedicated smoker, I had lovingly looked back on the days of smoking sections in restaurants and ashtrays in bars. So naturally, the first time a friend took me to Circa Tabac and I discovered that these memories could be relived, I died a little bit and instantly fell in love.

Upon walking in, you feel as though you’ve been transported back to the 20‘s. You almost expect to look over and see a group of flapper girls sitting at a table, chain smoking and drinking. Ashtrays and matches adorn every table and you need not worry if you forgot your smokes – they have a plethora of options for sale.

Located at 32 Watts St in the “South Village” neighborhood
(btwn Thompson St & 6th Ave)

Happy Smoking