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Artissano by Gabe Corredor Brings Global Fashion to the U.S.

E-commerce site Artissano.com was created by Gabe Corredor after an impromptu trip to South America left him a little chilly – literally. The nighttime air was cooler than expected and Corredor found himself purchasing an alpaca scarf in Peru. “[The] shop possessed an old-world mystery about it; his veritable merchandise had all the craftsmanship of the goods in a Madison Avenue boutique – minus the skyscraper prices,” said Corredor. Similar experiences around the globe led him to wonder why he could not find these local gems stateside – and from there Artissano was born.


Travel anywhere and there is bound to be plenty of goods indigenous to the area. From food items to handcrafted leather bags to cashmere socks, locally produced products should be purchased immediately – or prepare to have dreams haunted because it will never be found again. That is, until Artissano came around. The new fashion and lifestyle e-commerce site offers the latest trends from hard-to find and emerging designers from all over the world. Carefully curated selections are available in a quality not quantity capacity; many that sell out are never to be seen again.

All the jewelry, clothing, and accessories are crafted by designers with an inspirational background and true passion for their work. Whether it’s a pair of handmade wooden sunglasses, bikini from Brazil, or ahead of the trends necklace from Italy, Artissano – not the local shopping mall – has it covered. Visit Artissano.com to shop and learn about every piece available.