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2016 – Year of the Mega Divorce

The Year the Love Died

Record Settlements, No Prenups

Divorce Attorneys and Founders of the Garden City based law firm Geffner Kersch,  Alisa J. Geffner and Carolyn D. Kersch, give the lo-down on “the year the love died” with 2016’s biggest splits. 

Two of 2016’s mega divorces don’t come with a prenuptial agreement attached and it could end up costing certain parties upwards of $500 million. 

Geffner Kersch, a lawfirm based in Garden City, NY knows all too well how quickly love can die. Alisa J. Geffner, partner at Geffner Kersch, says “We have seen a surge in people requesting prenuptial agreements prior to marriage because couples are now recognizing that marriage might be a chapter in their life, and not their entire life.”

Prenups aren’t just for the uber-rich Alisa’s partner Carolyn points out , so if you find yourself in the engagement-seat it might be worth an appointment, and conversation, with your lawyer.

And now, a roundup of 2016’s MEGA Divorces


  • Bill Ackman and his wife Karen Ann Herskovitz are the latest to join the fold with a divorce that’s rumored to break the record for one of the largest divorce settlements. Without a prenup, Bill’s wife Karen could walk away with 50% of his $1.65 billion dollar fortune. Most of these assets were amassed during their 24 year marriage, and are presumably considered marital property pursuant to New York’s Equitable Distribution law.  


  • Bruce Ratner is soon to be a divorcee after his wife, Dr. Pamela Lipkin, filed for a divorce from the Real Estate Magnate rumored to be worth $400 million this year.  His soon to be ex Dr. Lipkin is also rather successful as a NYC plastic surgeon. This divorce will likely stay low key with both parties respectfully asking for privacy.


  • Harry Macklow reportedly cheated on his wife Linda with his Frenchie GF for a few years and now she’s asking for a divorce. Sans prenup, Harry Macklowe’s divorce from his wife Linda is likely to get ugly after 57 years. But before things can really heat up, lawyers have to figure out how much the billionaire real estate mogul is really worth. Their art collection (which Linda curated) alone is estimated to be worth $1Billion.

“This just goes to show that while Hollywood couples and wealthy socialites may be forced to expend far more to make the split, it is still a small price to pay for freedom and happiness.” says Carolyn Kersch, Partner at Geffner Kersch.

Call Alisa and Carolyn from Geffner Kersch if you’re looking at prenuptial options or if sadly, you’re looking to call it quits.